Who is Full Throttle Yoga?

Founder Mark Stefanowski is not your stereotypical yoga teacher. An animal loving, Harley riding, Hell Raiser he believes that it is an honor and a privilege to teach yoga.  A hard working Midwesterner, he will be glad to teach yoga anywhere at anytime to anyone.  He believes that the practice of yoga should be Powerful, Bold and Fun and challenges you to join him.
He currently brings it in the Boulder Colorado area at multiple breweries and studios.

Join him in the following breweries each month on Sunday's at 10:30am:
First Sunday - Sanitas Brewing
Second Sunday - Bootstrap Brewing Longmont
Third Sunday - Sanitas Brewing
Fourth Sunday - Bootstrap Brewing Longmont
Fifth Sunday (when applicable) - Sanitas Brewing
Mark's studio class schedule is:
Sunday - 10:30am - Full Throttle Yoga LIVE and ONLINE
Monday - 12pm - C2 - CorePower North Boulder
Monday - 2pm - C2 - CorePower North Boulder
Monday - 5:30pm - Power Flow - SOL 19 Longmont
Tuesday - 6:30am - C2 - CorePower North Boulder
Tuesday - 9am - C2 - CorePower North Boulder
Tuesday - 4:30pm - C2 - CorePower Louisville
Wednesday - 5:30pm - Full Throttle Yoga LIVE and ONLINE
Thursday - 9am - C2 - CorePower Louisville
Friday - 5:45am - C2 - CorePower Louisville
Friday - 8:30am - HPF - CorePower Louisville
Friday - 12pm - C2 - CorePower Louisville

Contact Mark at fullthrottleyoga@gmail.com