OUTLAW Yoga Training

OUTLAW Yoga is revolutionizing the yoga teacher training model. For many studios, teacher training is about making money…for OUTLAW Yoga, it’s about growing our community with integrity.

The 100 hour training –

Led by our talented senior teaching staff, this training empowers you to lead a powerful, life changing OUTLAW Yoga class. By focusing on the x’s and o’s of delivering an inspiring physical class, this training empowers you to choose boldness by teaching a technically simple, physically challenging class from day 1.

Emphasis on excellence in asana, assisting, community building, and empowering students sets you up to successfully share your love of the practice.

In order to ensure the integrity of the teaching and to see that students receive the maximum amount of personal attention, this training is limited to a select group of 12 or less, and studentship is on an application-only basis.

To apply please email Megan@outlawyoga.com.

Enrollment – rolling. Investment - $1,008.

Students seeking OUTLAW Yoga certification and/or ongoing upgrades to existing trainings are served by the four OUTAW Yoga 3-day intensives led by Justin Kaliszewski and senior members of the OUTLAW Yoga teaching staff.

Investment – $395 each. Schedule –varies.

Intensives –
In addition to the 100 hour training, OUTLAW Yoga offers 4, 3-day intensives led by Justin Kaliszewski and supported by the senor teaching team. Intensive are open to ALL including OUTLAW certified and non-certified teachers, serious students, and those currently enrolled in other teacher trainings.

The Power of Presence –
By exploring the power of your presence on, but especially OFF of the mat, you will enhance your awareness in all aspects of life.

This life-changing training will guide you through a unique method of self-exploration designed to -

- Confront established thought patterns and unproductive habits
- Provoke new ways of being and an enhance sense of possibility, and
- Elevate each and every person in your life to new heights, by staring with you

The OUTLAW Yoga Patch-In –
Designed to add the power of OUTLAW Yoga to your teaching arsenal, this training this training will empower you to be a bright leader in your community by building new capacities in sequencing, assisting, theming, and more...

Emphasis is placed on precision cueing, and effectively leading a powerful class that has everything students need and nothing they don’t.

Upon completion of this particular weekend intensive, practice teaching sessions, and a test-out; currently 200 hr certified teachers will be set up to confidently lead an OUTLAW practice as a substitute or prospective OUTLAW Yoga teacher.

8 Limbed Path -
An in-depth examination of the 8 Limbed Path, this training explores the practical application of Contemporary Yogic Philosophy.

Often deprioritized or ignored altogether, the other limbs of yoga provide a systematic, step by step path out of suffering. Sila, Samadhi, and Pana – morality, mastery and wisdom, respectively – the three necessary steps for any serious seeker to fully engage themselves in the ultimate aim of their own awakening.

Acknowledging that most students will not be partaking in a monk’s life, this training empowers you to consciously invite the 8 limbs into existing aspects of your day-to-day life.

Community and Connection-
At OUTLAW Yoga community is the priority…How to create and sustain effective connection on and off the mat.

Enhance your current class offering by expanding the field of your focus to include the effective use of community time, partner poses, discussion, and other community building modalities to support and compliment the in-class experience.

Expand your awareness by considering the totality of the class experience from door-to-door, and sharpen your ability to connect by dropping your masks…

OUTLAW Yoga Certification -
Students who successfully complete all of the above trainings, participate in a service project, complete an approved and guided independent study, and pass a successful exit application will be considered for full OUTLAW Yoga certification.

Simply completing training does not guarantee any participant a certificate.

* OUTLAW Yoga certifications are not compliant with any external governing bodies. We seek partnerships that compliment our community and ADD value to our integrity. We have yet to connect with any such entity…The value of our trainings lies in the integrity of our offering, the deep and lasting connection to community, and the intrinsic value of being a better human. Those seeking letters to go after their names on a business card are better served by other trainings.*